Dallance was probably named after from Robert Dalon 1400s.

In the 1500s it was occupied by Sir Anthony Denny, where it formed part on Henry V111's Waltham Park.

Dallance then passed through descendants of Hereward the Wake up until 1900s.

Dallance was purchased in the late 1940s by Sir Thomas Buxton, where it made up part of the Monkhams, Warlies & Woodredon Estate Of some 2000 acres - this was managed by Mr James Yeats (see photo below).

He went on to purchase Dallance in the early 1970s when he started the feed business.
He died in the late 1990's. His wife June expanded and carried on the business. June retired in 2007.

Dallance was taken over by Paul Brown Who has worked there since the late 1980s.